Please Forgive My Indiscretions

You are the love of my life and I love every bit of you from head to toe. Yes, every inch of you, every ounce of you, all of you. You make my life whole and complete and I can’t live without the sweet nothings your whisper in my ear, when you’re in the mood. When you are feeling right. I love you. I will love you forever.

Please forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made. Nobody is perfect. I am the flawed one, the stupid one, the ugly duckling that no one thought would amount to anything. Yes, that is me, the man who fell in love with you. Can you accept me for who I am, warts and all? Blemished and besmirched with a few indiscretions that happened years ago, yes ages ago. I made mistakes. I admit it. Will I ever be forgiven? Can we go back to the way it was before you heard it through the grapevine?

I can’t change the past. I can’t turn back the hands of time. I can’t make what happened go away. All I can do is promise a brighter future, a better man, someone more deserving of your love. Can you forgive me? Will I ever be forgiven? Is this too much to ask?

I can’t go on like this. My life is meaningless without your love. Your kind words bring meaning to my life. I can’t help it. My love for you is the meaning of my being. I didn’t make it this way. It just happened. Lord knows that no one of sane mind and body would ever want to fall head over heels over you. You are too hard to please. You are too difficult to satisfy. But I did fall for you and I am still trying. Yes, I will keep trying. I will chase you with my dying breath. How does it feel to be wanted beyond all reasonable possibilities of defeat? Can you feel me?

Can you fill my heart with the love I long for, the unconditional love I so desperately need from you? Or is your love for me transactional? As long as I do for you, you will do for me. Is that the way it is? Is that the way it is going to be? I can’t take it like this anymore. I need you to do something special for me. I can’t hold my breath waiting for you to call any longer.

Let yourself go. The good self, the nice self, your loving self, you know what I need to come back to the emotional equilibrium of life. Give it to me. I need you. Please. Have a little kindness in your heart and say something special to me to make my day. I know I don’t deserve it, but I still hope for the best. I hope you will love me again because, until you do, I will never rest.

Don’t just be the woman you are, please be the woman I want you to be, the caring woman, the forgiving woman, the woman with a mission to save the life of a poor tattered soul, me. An ounce of your love is all I need today to make my life complete. You are bigger than life and any part of you is all I need to survive another day. One kind word, one small signal, one sweet smile, one more intricate part of you is all I need today. You can do it if you put your mind to it. For a moment you can feel the sincerity in my words, the real man speaking of love lost and love found again. Put it all behind us and think of the bright future ahead of us. If only you can forgive me for a moment, my endless and unconditional love will fill your heart forever more.


One thought on “Please Forgive My Indiscretions

  1. Very well done, Mark! This is what I was talking about…this is where your talent really shows up.

    Keep it up.


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