Can Anger Ever Be Healthy?

Have you heard the terms “reactive abuse” or “reactive anger” making the rounds on social media? Are you wondering what the heck it means?

Are you curious if passive-aggressive anger factors into this?

Or maybe you want to know: can anger ever be healthy?

If your relationship with anger has been tenuous at best, or if you are seeking clarity on an abusive situation, this Sharewell session is for you.

Terri Cole

Terri Cole is an expert on coping with and healing from abusive relationships with narcissists and setting up healthy boundaries.

Reactive Abuse, Passive-Aggressive, and Healthy Anger | What They Look + Sound Like – Terri Cole

In her podcast, Terri breaks down what reactive abuse/reactive anger is, what passive-aggressive anger is, and what healthy anger might look like.

Download the free guide that goes along with Terri’s podcast episode here:

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