Sharewell Sessions

Peer Support Group

“Peer support” refers to a form of emotional and social support where individuals with similar experiences come together to offer each other encouragement, understanding, and validation. In recent years, peer support has become a popular option for individuals seeking support in their mental health journeys.

Where to Find Peer Support

There are many places where individuals can find peer support, including:

  • Online forums and support groups
  • In-person support groups
  • Mental health organizations that offer peer support programs
  • Hospitals and clinics that offer peer support as part of their mental health services

One example of an online platform that provides peer support is ShareWell. ShareWell is a mental health platform that connects individuals with similar lived experiences, offering peer-led support that focuses on empathy, validation, and support.

Come join us and share your coping strategies as we embark on this journey of recovery from codependency, trauma bonds and childhood emotional neglect together.

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