The Role of Emotions in the Resolution of Trauma

About This Session

This is a peer support session for Trauma. We will share our experience of Trauma for mutual support and healing. All are welcome who have experience of this topic.

When we become able to hear and respond to our emotions effectively, we become able to understand the deepest language of our souls. With the support of our fully awakened emotions, those unceasing and abundant energies, we’ll be adequate to any situation, any issue, or any trauma.

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that between 14% and 43% of children experience at least one traumatic event. Of these, up to 15% of girls and 6% of boys will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you experienced trauma as a young child — particularly if it involved your parents or living situation — healing cannot occur until the original wound has been addressed to the satisfaction of the soul.

People with a history of repeated abuse or neglect may experience complex trauma as adults. Understanding the role of emotions in the resolution of trauma can help to breakthrough trauma bonds and heal the inner child.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions like jealousy, anger shame, fear and grief? Come join us as we share coping strategies and embark on this journey of recovery together.


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