From Codependent to Independent

Do you find yourself constantly trying to please other people? Are you the go-to person for everyone else’s problems? Or maybe you fear being alone or abandoned so you put up with an unhealthy relationship?

All these things are symptoms of what is called codependency, and by definition it’s a loss of self because you’re too busy taking care of others.

Come join us and share your coping strategies as we embark on this journey of recovery from codependency together.

Questions to Prompt Discussion

  1. What is your definition of codependent? Independent? Interdependent?
  2. Where are you today and where do you want to be?
  3. What are your coping strategies for recovery from codependency?

High functioning codependent: To be a high functioning codependent means to feel overly responsible for the feelings and actions of certain people in your life. It can manifest as over-functioning, over-giving, and automatically offering advice in relationships as an attempt to control outcomes (especially when they‘re not your outcomes). And this hyper-focus on the lives of others dictates that your personal needs and desires get sidelined.

To be a high-functioning codependent means having a dysfunctional behavioral pattern: you feel overly responsible for the feelings and actions of others, at the expense of your own desires, needs, and well-being.


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