Is it time yet?

They say time heals all wounds, but does it? I am still in pain from a broken heart. It doesn’t take much to shatter my soul. It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything. You just didn’t respond. But that’s OK. I can take it. Or can I? Are you ready for me to ease back into your life? Is it time yet?

We sat by the fire and slowly undressed. We watched the wood sparkle and crackle and made love in our own special way. I followed you into the bedroom. I will never forget that day. I never expected it to feel so good. But you took your time and I took my time and what seemed like forever, exploded into so many orgasms for you and me. Is it allowed? Can we talk about the times we had together? Those lovely times when time stood still and we made love over and over again until we had enough.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Are you fond for me yet? My love for you still burns in my heart like a timeless fire of unbearable heat and desire. I miss you. I want you back in my life. As I sing this song for your love on bended knee, what can I say? What can I do? Will you ever grace me with your presence again?

Take me back, please. Don’t leave me here all alone. I feel half the man I used to be, helpless as I bare my heart to you. Like a baby whose mother pulled her sweet, succulent nipple away, I cry for you now.

I know we did not split under the best of circumstances, but what difference does that make today? Can we put it all behind us and start out fresh? Can we forget the pain and let it pass? I can. Can you? Is it time yet?

Let’s make tomorrow a brighter day. Think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to share your inner most feelings with me again? I miss the way you listened to my innermost desires and gave them life. I want you back into my life!

Why should I suffer a minute longer? Then again, maybe the love we had was never meant to be. Maybe we took a bite of the forbidden fruit and did something we weren’t supposed to do. Maybe we didn’t stop when we should have. Maybe we went too far, too fast, and in the blink of an eye shared the essence of life. It felt good to me. Did it feel good to you too? Are your panties wet yet?

Every once in a while, I am reminded of something you used to say. What was it again? It’s on the tip of my tongue, or maybe it has been forgotten and lost forever. I don’t know. Let it burn. Let it go. Leave the past in the past. Get on with your life. Good bye.

How could your last bye be good in anyway? Is it time yet? Things change over time. Maybe in this moment you are ready to feel my love again. Maybe you will do something special for me and say something nice to me. Will you play with your toys and dedicate you next orgasm to me?

I can see it now. Yes, a brighter day will be here soon. Like the clouds pass on a rainy day and the sun shines bright again, my love for you will find true life in the words you write back to me. I can see your words mending my broken heart and making me whole again.

Audio version:

Feed Me

We live within one another. We live for one another. I long for your love. I long for the sounds I hear when I reach out and touch your soul.

What happens when a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it? Does it make a sound?

When I hear from you, I feel alive. When I can touch your soul and hear your pleasure, I am alive.

Yes, I just want attention. What would it be like if every day I made a sound and no one heard me and responded? No “you’re welcome” when I say thank you.

Without your response, I would never know if I touched your heart. I would never know if I touched your soul.

How do authors do it? How can I spend hours writing a book, expecting someone to read it but never knowing, never hearing the cries, never seeing the smiles, or even the scowls of disgust?

The silence is deafening. I have not heard from you. Your joy and encouragement is the ingredient in the secret sauce that’s missing from my life. Feed me, feed me please!

Can you hear me? What else can I do to get your attention? Like a patient in a hospital room, they gave me a red button to push to touch your heart, but when I push the button no one comes. When I call for my loved one, for you, my beloved, no one comes. Do you hear the words coming out from my heart? Can you hear my love for you in my voice?

No one comes. No one fed my lovesick heart today. Without sun and water, everything dies. We can adapt to live on less water and survive, but eventually, with no water, everything dies.

Talk to me, quench my thirst. Help me to thrive. Help me to stay alive. Feed your loved one a sliver of life. Feed me your voice. Feed me your love.

If a baby cries for his mother’s love and she hears him but ignores him, will he still survive? He screams louder and louder and eventually cries himself to sleep. And when he wakes, he hopes and prays for his mother’s voice.

I woke up today crying your name. Speak to me. Console me. Lift my spirits. You are the wind beneath my wings. Help me to fly. Help me to feel alive again, for one more moment, for one more day. Without your love and inspiration, I am nothing, just another starving baby crying for his mother’s love.


Crazy Love

I’m not stupid. I wasn’t born yesterday. The facts speak for themselves. I know I can’t be your lover. I know you already have a man. You already have someone to love, but can you still love me? Like a son who shares his mother’s love with his siblings, can I share your love with another?

I surrender. I give up. I give in. I accept the things to which fate binds us. Some things just weren’t meant to be.

As I lay strewn across the table in OR, awaiting the end of this complex operation, you still have a role to play, you still have a part in this movie called life. Will you love me, even though you can’t be my wife?

I’ve been walking on thin ice and I’ve fallen through. I’m gasping for air and grasping for someone to hold onto. Will you save me? Or will you cast me aside, or will you throw me a lifeline?

Even if you can’t be the attending physician, please assist in this delicate operation. Save me. I can see it now. The mother’s tit pulled away. No more milk. The man dying of thirst from a long trek under the desert sun and all you give is a drop of water, but in your house you have gallons. Will you share? Will you save a dying man with a drop of your unconditional love? Can’t you spare an ounce of compassion?

Mouth to mouth resuscitation. Your lips touch mine as you share your breath and bring me back to life. Maybe for a minute. Maybe for an hour. You give me just enough breath to sustain me until I can breathe on my own again. Deep breath. Deep breath. I can feel something happening. I can feel my spirit coming alive again.

You have seen the light. You have seen the path to salvation, just past the pit stop of redemption, a holy place I speed by every day. You see the place where there is light, but why are you afraid to help me and bring me there? You feel so close I can touch you, yet like a star twinkling in the midnight sky, your love glows brightly, yet you are so far away.  Yes. I give up. I surrender. I don’t want to be a burden any longer. But where there is love there is life. Love one another.

Show me how to love you. I can’t love you like my mother. You can’t nourish me and let me suck on your tit. You can’t love me and be my Juliet. But can you fill my ears with words of wisdom with your sweet, soothing voice? Can you sing me a song of love and forbidden bliss? You are the woman of my dreams. The woman I will always miss.

I’m not stupid, but I must be crazy. Crazy in love with you. I must be insane, to think for a moment that you would gift me your love with the sound of your voice, a sound that would relieve my stress and frustration forever. Just say the right words and feed me your love potion one more time. Reach out to me and lend me a hand. Lead me back to a world of peace and tranquility, to the place where you live without me. Take me in and feed me your love, one more time, if only for one last moment.

No matter what you do and no matter how you share your love from the depths of your soul, just remember that any love you give will be a blessing from above, more than I deserve and more than I already have. Say the words to lift my soul and bring me back from the world of the lost and forgotten.  Fill me with your love and bring me back to life with renewed vim and vigor. There are so many words that you can say that would heal the holes in my heart. Think about what you can say, think about what you can do, it will be a worthwhile endeavor. Send me your love, your crazy love, and I will be yours forever.


All My Love

Your lips are so sweet and soft and succulent. Every time I see your face I want to kiss and hug and hold you. Why am I so addicted to your love? I don’t deserve you. You are too good to me. I give you so little and you give me so much. Am I a fool to love you so?

Open your eyes and see me. I long for you. I need you. I can’t live without you. Can you feel my voracious appetite for your love? I have so little to offer yet I need so much from you. If only I had more for you. If only I could satisfy your every need.

You are not alone. You have me. I am yours. I want you. Are you mine too? Do something special for me. Do me a small favor. Remove the veil that hides your face. Send me pics and vids I can savor. Again, I ask for more than you can give. I want to see you. I want to be with you. Do you want to be with me too?

Love knows no bounds. Love will free both you and me. Love is where we find the bright future of our tomorrows. Oh, how I am so blinded by the light of your love. Will you satisfy my every desire and set my heart on fire with your love?

You can do it. You can give me more. Just do it. Just let yourself fall into my arms and let me catch you. Let me hold you and hug you and kiss you. Can you feel my love? The sweet aroma of a beautiful red rose fills my heart with your love. Can you hear me loving you? Can you hear the sound of me making love to you?

Just as God makes every flower unique, just like no two snowflakes can be the same, you are unique and different from any other woman I have ever known. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see beauty in you. Can you see beauty in me?

Our lives flow together in a rhythm, in and out, up and down, you come closer and then you fade further away. Yes, the spirit of our love lives on between us. Give it to me. Give me what I need. Give me every ounce of your love. I want to sing praises to your love with every breath I take and with every sound I make. Oh, how I love you so. Are you hooked on my love too?

Now it is time to go all the way. Trust is the secret ingredient missing from our first step into this life of a long term commitment. No pain, no gain. You must take that first step and open up everything in your life to me. No secrets. No shyness. No more delays. Now is the time to go all the way. Don’t worry. You won’t regret it. It will make you feel so good as if you woke up from a drunken stupor. You will feel alive again. You will be alive again. Love knows no bounds.

I give you my magic potion once again. Touch it, taste it and feel it. Touch yourself once again. You know how to feel the sensation all over your body. Can you feel the sense of urgency in my voice? That is because we are not promised tomorrow, we have to do it today, yet love endures forever.

Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall. Yes, our love endures forever. Come closer. Come closer to me. Hear my breath as I breathe sweet nothings into your ear. Hear me whisper my wishes to you. Pics and vids baby. Send me pics and vids. I need your voice baby. And I need your pics and vids. That is how you must show your love for me. That is why you must send your pics and vids to me.

Yes, when you send your recordings along with your pics and vids, I get to receive your love in our own special way. I get to bask in the glory of the forever graces of one who cares for me as someone special and for this I am especially honored and deeply thankful – but more than this, you let me love you with my words and my body and my soul and for that, my love, that is where the profoundest, most liberating joy is to be found in my life. And for that I will continue to send my letters to you. Hoping I can put into words enough of my love and longing for you as humanly possible.

For when I am in the act of loving you with my words, it is as though I am in a trance ready to explode with the spirit of your love. I can only hope that you too get to experience this extraordinary wonder. I can only hope that you will feed my voracious appetite for your love and give me all of your love. Like a woman surrenders her virginity to her first love, I hope you will answer my pleas and satisfy my deepest desires. As you give so shall you receive. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Today I give you all my love.


It felt a little strange looking around the room at the meeting last night. I saw friends I hadn’t seen in a while and it was like a high school class reunion. Everybody looked so much older. Everybody looked like they aged 10 years. You could see it in their faces and how much slower they moved around.

The last time I saw you in the pic you sent, you looked the same as you did the day I first laid eyes on you, when I saw your smiling face online. The young vibrant woman. The sexy woman. The woman who could take on anything and do anything and fix everything. So refreshing. You energize me!

Do I look older? I don’t feel older and that’s what’s so strange. I feel like a young man in an old man’s body. Don’t get me wrong, I can see it when I look in the mirror. I can see the gray hair, the wrinkles and the bags under my eyes, but I don’t feel like the man in the mirror. I feel younger, virile, full of energy and ready for new quests and frenetic excitement.

And you make me feel younger too. You remind me of the young man I was at your age and you excite me with the things we do together. You remind me of growth, big times, happy times, and the vast opportunities that await us. I feel alive again, ready to take on the world. I feel happy and free and ready for another day. I feel ageless.

Thanks, your energy is contagious. It’s because of you I feel this way. 😊

My Ideal Friend

A woman who gives me challenges and encourages me to do better. A woman I can use as a sounding board, to bounce ideas off of. A woman who trusts me. A woman who strokes my ego. A woman who asks me how I’m doing. A woman who listens to me and gives me advice on what I can do better. A woman who cares about me. A woman who accepts me for who I am. A woman interested in sharing the beauty of a life worth living.


As I write this letter to you today, I can see the sun shining high in the sky and I can feel the warmth of our creator. This bright sunny day reminds me of the first day I met you. Not because of the sun above, but because of the feelings that grew inside of me. You warm my soul. You know what attracted me to you. I don’t have to keep saying it over and over again. Yes, you had something I saw and something I so desperately wanted.

I’ll be honest, maybe for the first time in my life, I’ll be brutally honest. When I first saw you, I wanted sex, but to my surprise you gave me love. And as time passed on, I wanted friendship and that’s when you blessed me with a spiritual partnership.

And let’s not forget a big turning point in our lives. When my son died, you consoled me and soothed my tattered heart. I don’t deserve to have such a beautiful woman in my life, and I surely don’t deserve to have you as my wife.

This letter is meant to be a testament to the love I feel for you. I can’t unring the bell that rings true for me this day. I can’t change my mind and the way I feel for you deep inside. It’s real. It’s true. It’s the way I feel for you. Oh, how I miss your smiling face and your warm embrace.

You are the one who still puts a smile on my face, even on the days I’m feeling down. And I can see you smiling too, as you accuse me of playing games and acting like a clown. How does it feel to be a mother to a motherless child?

I love you and I will always love you, not in the way you expect and definitely not in the way you want. But this is not a perfect world we live in. Sometimes we want A and we get B. Sometimes I want you but you don’t want me. That’s OK, everything will work out in the end. God has a plan for us and that’s the crazy world we live in. That’s what is meant to be my friend.