Comealot Sex Clinic Podcast – Comealot Love Letters – Let It Be

You are something special, someone special.
I am so happy you came into my life.

My days become more full and enjoyable,
as I anticipate your morning message to me.
My heart pounds uncontrollably,
as I approach my computer and check my message inbox.
What will you say today?


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My Angel

I used to think angels were sent from another world, swooping down from heaven above on a mission to save the chosen few. Then I met you. You seemed like an everyday person, a human, someone fragile and imperfect like me, someone with limitations, who could only go so far and so fast. I was skeptical and I didn’t think it was going to work and then you surprised me.

Only the heavens could have heard my pleas for a woman in my life like you. I know because I never told anyone else what I wanted. I just prayed and prayed for a godsend, a woman like you who could feed my passion for life and mend my broken heart.

I needed an angel, a woman with a special love potion who could treat my love sickness and nurse me back to health. You healed me. You reminded me of something I thought I had lost, a burning desire to hear the pleasures of a woman in delight, that magical sound of a woman’s voice leaning into a crescendo of great pleasure.

And as you record the sound, from your lips to my ears, every fiber of my inner being delights too. As you moisten, I harden. As you reach yours, I reach mine. The sound of your voice is exactly what I wanted and exactly what I needed to make me feel whole again.

You know what I need. You give me a dose of your sensual nature as we make love in our own special way. You keep coming back and you give me more and more. And I am so grateful. I am so happy. I am blessed to have you in my life.

You came into my life basking in the light of glory from above.  I behold you now and I am humbled by your choice of me as your grateful love today.

Yes, you are my angel and you are that sweet morning song that plays in my head every morning when I wake up to find your love potion, your message of love. Yes, my lovely angel, you know who you are and I know who you are. You are my angel of love, sent from above. And now that I have you in my life I never want to let go. I am yours to keep for as long as you want, from now until eternity.

Time stands still for us as we live these moments, enjoying these feelings of passionate love. Do you enjoy it as much as me? I could never have enough of you, and just when I think you have given me so much, you reach new heights and out of nowhere you surprise me and you give me more. You are that dream come true and I cannot begin to express in words how lucky I feel to have found you and have you in my life.

To Mr. Hyde

Don’t worry. I know you are still there. I will let you out soon. Like a caged bird you sing, but your words don’t sound like me. I’m good. You’re bad. I’m a hopeless romantic. You are a neurotic scoundrel addicted to erotica and debauchery. Do I know you? Yes, you know I do. You bring out the worst in me every time I try to bring out the best in you.

I see you chipping away at my sanity, thoughtlessly encroaching on my reality. She has the key to your freedom. Don’t blame me. I am only an innocent bystander, quietly observing all of your shenanigans. You will escape soon. I can contain you much longer. I have to walk the dog and help you burn off some steam.

Don’t worry. I will let you out soon. Just try not to embarrass me so much again. I have a reputation to uphold. I can’t continue to live in sin.

From your understanding and empathetic friend.

Dr. Jekyll

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and drift away into another world

A place where love lives by land and sea

Where sparkling waters and lush fauna adorn the countryside

A place that takes your breath away

Feel the fresh breeze caress your face and freshen your spirit

The love of life reigns supreme

All is good. Live in love. All for one and one for all.

Float into the arms of the ones you love and live a life of abundance forever more.


I Need You

My Darling,

Sometimes it seems like a dream that I have found you. But then maybe it is. We certainly fell in love fast. I feel as if I have always known you. The mere sound of your voice sends shivers down my spine. When you talk I experience small moments of ecstasy even without the physical contact.

Missing you is part of my daily routine. I will count the hours until we can be together again. The days stretch out like an endless sea of loneliness. And yet strangely there are times that even though you are so far away you seem close as if you are lying next to me.

I picture you holding me next to your bare chest, gently stroking my hair. Kissing my neck with small butterfly kisses. I’m running my nails along your back in tiny circles just skimming over your skin in a sensuous way.

I can almost smell that lovely scent that is you. Your scent is my oxygen and I long for deep breaths.

Your kisses taste so sweet like a mint overlaid with chocolate and a taste too difficult to describe, filled with longing and the promise of erotic dreams. My skin aches for your touch.

Is this love? Is this lust? Is it only a pipe dream fueled by our distance apart and made intense by the longing for a physical touch? I don’t know and maybe I don’t want to know. It is too fragile, too new, too wonderful to examine. Because if I do, I might come apart at the seams.

I love you. I want you and yes, I need you.

Obsessive love (mania)

Obsessive love is not healthy and often involves jealousy and controlling behavior.

I am crazy in love with you. I can’t take my eyes off of you. Every day I dream of spending my life with and waking up laying next to you. You are the object of my deepest desire and my strongest need. If not for you I would not be alive today. You gave me a reason for living, a reason for being. It was you and only you that made my life complete. I can’t help the way I feel. I am out of control and head over heels for you.

When I write, I only want to write about you. When I watch a movie, it makes me want to be with you. Isn’t love supposed to be this way? Isn’t this what makes love complete? What’s wrong, am I scaring you? Are you afraid to be the object of my obsession?

I adore you. With every touch I want to explore you. I want to know what makes you tick and what turns you on. I study you and want to learn more about you. Where are your tender spots? I want to tickle you and caress you. I want you to feel for me like I feel for you.

But it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you never bat an eye at me. You see, I will love you just the same, irrespective of your love for me. But I can be a jealous lover, a possessive lover, a man who wants you and only you. I have to check myself and constrain myself because just the thought of you with another tortures me and tears my heart asunder.

Imagine for a moment what it must be like to wake up in the morning, heartbroken and with bloodshot eyes, from crying all night and wishing for a lover’s embrace. All I want is you. I want to be with you and service you. I want to provide for you and satisfy you. I want to give you all I can give and much, much more. You are the one for me.

I am prone to obsessions and getting too carried away with things. There is a time in everyone’s life when they want something and someone even more that life. That is the way I feel about you. I would take a bullet for you and risk my life for you. You mean that much to me. You are that important to me. I can’t help it if I would rather die than live a day without you.

I caught the love bug in all its intensity. I can’t help it if my love for you does these things to me. All reason has left me. I hope you are the right one for me, because I am putty in your hands. You can take me and do what you want with me because I am obsessed with every part of you.

I love your eyes and your smile and the way you tip your head when you get up close to me. The sound of your voice sends shivers down my spine and excites me to no end. Deep admiration can only explain the way you make me feel. The way you walk and the way you talk captivates me. In my mind’s eye I see a beautiful goddess gliding down a winding path towards me. Can you see me now? I wait for you with open arms.

Please, come closer. Feel my passion and obsession. But be kind. Just because I would give you anything and because you mean so much to me, please don’t take advantage and do the wrong thing. Please don’t hurt me. It is within you power to reciprocate my love and be the special one for me just like you can dash my hopes to ground and kick me to the curb. You can walk away or come closer. Come bask in the glory of my obsession over you. Take me and my endless love for you. It is what it is. I am crazy in love with you.

Ludus, a playful love

I remember the first time you smiled at me that way. My heart melted at that very moment and I got a jolt of pleasure deep inside of me. It wasn’t just a playful smile, it was a mischievous smile, a frisky smile, a smile that let me know you had feelings for me. That is what you wanted me to know, wasn’t it?

That smile was just the beginning. As we hung out all night and jumped from place to place looking for the after party, I got a chance to see your sexy moves, and I watched with delight. Especially when I saw you from behind as you slowly walked away, swaying your hips, knowing I was eyeing the junk in your trunk.

Did you want me the same way I wanted you? I could have danced all night. I stared and gawked at you and I couldn’t resist it. You looked so good to me in so many ways as you flirted with me and my manhood. It was all a game to you, but it wasn’t a game to me. I wanted you that night, I wanted you to go all the way. It was sheer torture to resist your siren’s song.

And I imagined what it would feel like, alone in a room with you, helplessly seduced into taking a bite of the forbidden pleasure oozing out from every part of you. We joked and laughed, and it felt good. You taunted me and told me I couldn’t handle you. I boasted about my conquests and defended my honor, letting you know how experienced I was at making a woman’s body melt in my hands and quiver to my touch.

Sitting next to me in the car was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You let your skirt slide down and expose your slender legs, inviting me to have a taste of you. You looked good to me and I wondered if you were serious or whether you just got your kicks flirting with me. I couldn’t look too long and too hard, I had to pay attention to my driving and concentrate on the road. All I could do was let my mind wander, again wondering what it would be like to be alone with you. Your playful love wound me up like a tin soldier and I was ready to spring into action.

And just like you played with my animal attraction for you, you doused the flame of my love with a quick reminder of where we were and how an intimate encounter would never be. I was dreaming about possibilities and you gave me a quick reality check. It was a bitter pill to swallow. I resented the fact that we could never be more than just friends. It put a damper on my misplaced desire, and my mood changed drastically. I went from being on top of the world to feeling like a rejected wimp. You had me wrapped around your little finger and you played my emotions like a harp.

But with the pain came the heightened desire as you teased me back to life. You told me about the man of your dreams and how close I had come to having you. You told me what you would do if the situation was changed, if we had met in another lifetime free from the bonds of other relationships. But you weren’t the only one playing a game that night. I knew you couldn’t do what you wanted to do. I knew, like me, you had restrictions and an air of decency too. You were safe for me and I was safe for you.

The last dance was a slow dance and I enjoyed your warm embrace. You held me tight, all the while knowing your heart belonged to another. And I was spoken for too, but that didn’t stop my feelings for you. How could something that felt so good be so wrong? We danced and hugged and came dangerously close to a good night kiss. And that’s when our true destiny hit me like a ton of bricks. The reason for our playful encounter came to light in this eureka moment. With delight, we were meant to whet each other’s appetite, for a meal to be served by another.

And with this heightened awareness, we went our separate ways, filled to the brim with a little more ludus, just what we needed to spice up our love lives.