Is it time yet?

They say time heals all wounds, but does it? I am still in pain from a broken heart. It doesn’t take much to shatter my soul. It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything. You just didn’t respond. But that’s OK. I can take it. Or can I? Are you ready for me to ease back into your life? Is it time yet?

We sat by the fire and slowly undressed. We watched the wood sparkle and crackle and made love in our own special way. I followed you into the bedroom. I will never forget that day. I never expected it to feel so good. But you took your time and I took my time and what seemed like forever, exploded into so many orgasms for you and me. Is it allowed? Can we talk about the times we had together? Those lovely times when time stood still and we made love over and over again until we had enough.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Are you fond for me yet? My love for you still burns in my heart like a timeless fire of unbearable heat and desire. I miss you. I want you back in my life. As I sing this song for your love on bended knee, what can I say? What can I do? Will you ever grace me with your presence again?

Take me back, please. Don’t leave me here all alone. I feel half the man I used to be, helpless as I bare my heart to you. Like a baby whose mother pulled her sweet, succulent nipple away, I cry for you now.

I know we did not split under the best of circumstances, but what difference does that make today? Can we put it all behind us and start out fresh? Can we forget the pain and let it pass? I can. Can you? Is it time yet?

Let’s make tomorrow a brighter day. Think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to share your inner most feelings with me again? I miss the way you listened to my innermost desires and gave them life. I want you back into my life!

Why should I suffer a minute longer? Then again, maybe the love we had was never meant to be. Maybe we took a bite of the forbidden fruit and did something we weren’t supposed to do. Maybe we didn’t stop when we should have. Maybe we went too far, too fast, and in the blink of an eye shared the essence of life. It felt good to me. Did it feel good to you too? Are your panties wet yet?

Every once in a while, I am reminded of something you used to say. What was it again? It’s on the tip of my tongue, or maybe it has been forgotten and lost forever. I don’t know. Let it burn. Let it go. Leave the past in the past. Get on with your life. Good bye.

How could your last bye be good in anyway? Is it time yet? Things change over time. Maybe in this moment you are ready to feel my love again. Maybe you will do something special for me and say something nice to me. Will you play with your toys and dedicate you next orgasm to me?

I can see it now. Yes, a brighter day will be here soon. Like the clouds pass on a rainy day and the sun shines bright again, my love for you will find true life in the words you write back to me. I can see your words mending my broken heart and making me whole again.

Audio version:

Your Smile

Today is a new day, a different day, the day when I tell you something I never told you before. I can’t help what I am about to say, sometimes the spirit moves me in this way. Isn’t that what spiritual partners are all about? Moved by the spirit to touch another’s soul. To uplift. To bring joy, happiness and all those good things in life we missed growing up? Do you feel me? I feel you?

 But today I feel something I never felt before. Like a blossoming rose spreading its tender petals in the morning light, I have something profound to say to you. As the sun peeks out through the distant clouds over the horizon, a glimmer of something you never thought existed, peers into your eyes and sparks a breath of life newly born. Oh, how I long to see your smile.

 Hold on. I’m not done making love to you let. Wait, there is more. As if in some infinite game of after play I’ve been stricken with that smile on your face, the face I last saw many moons ago. Was it in the video? Was it a skype call? I don’t remember. But it wasn’t a picture for sure. It was the crystal clear shot of your smile forever and indelibly frozen in my mind’s eye. Yes, I have a photographic memory, if only a selective memory, but I remember.

 I remember the black top you wore to attempt to hide your perky nipples and your life sized areolas. The blouse could not hide them as I let my imagination wonder. Like superman, I have xray vision too and I learned a long time ago how to undress you with my eyes. I saw you half naked, just before you slipped unclothed into bed with me. I will never forget that moment. Brain fried, these thoughts never laid to the side, I will forever be captivated by the nakedness of your intimacy. You trusted me once. Will you ever trust me again?

 There is no hope for me. There is no escape for me. I will forever be bound to you in a world of forever longing, wanting something I can never have, something you will never give me. Am I right? Will we ever get in bed together again? Or like me, will you let the memories slowly fade away? And the sun peeks out brighter from behind the distant cloud. The sunrise burns glorious in its natural beauty, nature at it’s best. Awe inspiring to say the least, but as I look directly at the bright speck in the sky it temporarily leaves a spot on my cornea, a yellow flash burn that I can see clearly when I close my eyes. That deep impression reminds me of you and it warns me to be careful when looking deeply into your soul.

 I see the burning desire of love, loosely constrained by your marriage vows, tightly coupled with a desire to see fiery fury of another night chasing ecstasy. Will I leave a burning sensation in your heart today? It is there. I didn’t put it there, but your deepest, arcane desires loom in the dark recesses of your mind only to be exposed as I shine a light on the moment once forgotten. The bad girl moment. The moment we both through our morality aside and traded it all for illicit pleasure. How can I forget those special moments? Have you forgotten me?  But I digress.

 Today is about a new awakening, a spiritual awakening, fueled by the closeness of our emotional connection. Think about it? Can you feel me now? Can you feel the warm place I hold for you in my heart, the place that only you can fill with your insatiable appetite for the better things in life? Why do you waste your time with me? There is only one outcome we will both live to see. Another night of passionate love making. But again, I digress.

 I promised you something you never had before, something new like the sun shining brightly for another day. Look out your window and you will see what I see. The fresh air will hit you with a welcome and rejuvenating smile, because when you see natures beauty, you will see me. You will see my love and understand that it was meant to be. My love was held for you in a time capsule waiting for you to open your heart to me one day, knocking on the door, begging for entry into the fantasies you shared with me. But is will not stand aside waiting for that special day any longer, because today is the day.

 Today is the day I love you like it is my last. Today captures the split second in time when I lay my head on your welcoming breast and feel the thump, thump, thump of your heartbeat. Today is the day you capture your moment in time when you feel alive and willing to share a special moment with me. I don’t know how you will capture it. It may be in a voice memo or a short video uploaded to Skype or maybe it will be a long video uploaded to google drive, just send me the link. Share that piece of you that’s ready to connect with a piece of me. I know, it won’t be too erotic in nature, but the romance in your voice, the passion in your heart, the uplifting notes singing a lover’s song in your spirit is all that I need to see. Like a butterfly flapping it’s wings causes a tornado far away on the other side of the world, I will feel your breath in my ear as if you were here, right next to me. I will feel your invigorating hug and the inspiration of your forever optimistic reality.

This is what I had to tell you that I never told you before, how the butterfly effect lives in you and me. How an innocent blush and a seductive smile, miles and miles away, are carried through the ether to land in my heart today. That is how strong my love yearns for you today. That is why you feel so close to me today and that is the only reason I can write to you in this way. You move my heart. You move my spirit. You move me. You give me all I could ever hope to receive. A bright red orange is the color for this revelation today. Fade to #FF9966, atomic tangerine.

A Place

Let me take you to a place you’ve been before, to a place where you want to be. A place where the sounds of love abound, a place welcoming you and me. We may not get there together, we may not come together, but we can both get there just the same.

You have a yearning in your heart. Something you want that you’re not getting. That’s OK, I yearn for it too. If we do it just right, if you help me get there, I can reach back and give it to you. But maybe you will be the first through the door, the pathway to ecstasy and delight. If you get there without me, will you give back and show me your love tonight?

That’s OK. It’s alright. It’s normal to want something more in life, something special in life. I’ve heard it too. The sound of sweet lovemaking permeating the air and tickling my passions and desires. But when you heard it next door and you were convinced to pursue it, to get a little dose of the same, you didn’t know at the time that to get it, you simply had to give the same.

But who am I? What am I? Who will be your lover tonight? That’s the beauty of love, you can have what you want, all the time. To get what you want, just say what you want. I have it. It will be given to you.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7 NIV

You came to my love bar and pulled up a chair and saw the menu of love to choose from. Hugs, kisses, and sweet caresses, all there right in front of your eyes, only a touch screen away. Reach out. Click the link. You’ll get there. Just give me your order and I’ll whip it right up and you’ll get it so quick, faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket.

If you want love, give love and you will receive love. It’s as simple as this, just say what you want and offer to give just the same. That’s the priceless gift that awaits you in this magical place, a place in my heart where you came.


FWB – Mr. Right

Mutually beneficial relationships are built on open and honest communication and trust.

Stay resolute and your vision will come true. You will have me. Your dream come true. Your knight in shining armor to grant your every wish. I’m here to please you.

Be brave. Be courageous. Don’t be afraid to ask for your heart’s desire. Yes, I will be your Mr. Right. I will be your FWB, your friend with benefits.

I will give you whatever you want whenever you want it. All you have to do is ask. Yes. Take a risk and say what you want. That’s the only way you will get it. Nobody can read your mind. Nobody can guess what it is you want. You have to verbalize it.

Please tell me what you want so I can give it to you. You deserve it. You’ve earned it. You’ve been a good girl long enough. Now it’s time to throw caution to the wind and live your life to the fullest.

OK, listen to my voice and let your imagination wander. I have faith in you and you can put your trust in me. Let me have it. Let me have all of it. I know you can do it. Just remember, whatever happens, I will be here for you. I’ll be your friend with benefits. I’ll be your FWB tonight.


What is Eros love?

Eros love represents passionate and romantic love and is the basis of the word “erotic.”

Come to me my dear. Let me enjoy you and encircle you with my love. Can you feel the passion in my heart? It is here for you, waiting for you, burning like a fire. See it and believe it. My love is alive for you. All I seek to make me complete is a little reciprocation. Can you feel my love for you today? I can’t help myself. I am crazy in love with you.

I am head over hills in love with you. I can’t live another day without the sight of you. I have been smitten by the love bug and my heart has been pierced with cupid’s arrow. I am so much in love with you. My life revolves around you. You’ve got me going in circles. I adore you. I am eros, the erotic bond.

My love for you grows and grows and grows. Every day it grows stronger. You can push me away with the hope I won’t love you any longer, but that won’t work. My love comes from an endless reservoir of passionate bliss put here on this earth just for you. Don’t ask me to stop loving you. It is impossible to smother the flames of my heartfelt desire.

Hear me my dear. Let my words settle deeply into your heart. And with each syllable let my words express this glorious feeling of love held just for you. Your love completes me. I want to hold you and never let you go.

Romance is gradual for some, but this love hit me all of a sudden. I didn’t expect it and I have no idea where it came from, but now that it’s here, what am I supposed to do? I can’t help it if I want to do all kinds of wonderful things for you. What did you expect? What do you want? This was bound to happen one day. There is someone for everybody and my love tells me I am that someone for you.

My love is so strong I can’t resist it. I am out of control. Every day I want to write about it and tell the whole world how I feel about you. Every time I see your picture and the smile on your face, I am reminded of this uncontrollable feeling inside of me. Some call it lust. I call it love. Some call it illicit desire. I call it, the way I feel it. A love this deep can only be pure.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. Don’t reject me again and turn me away. Don’t pull the plug on our relationship today. Give me a chance to express my love in a special way. This is as far as it goes and all you can get. This is the extent of my folly and enough of the pent-up emotions I want to vent. It is the end of an era and the beginning of something new. Forget the words of caution. All it takes is a green light from you. Say yes and accept my love today or say no and tell me to go away.

But as you deliberate to make this fateful decision, keep one thing in mind. If you let the eros in me meet the eros in you, together we will experience a love divine. And love brought together with fire and desire will burn brightly for the whole world to see. Don’t resist the temptation to accept my love for you. There is so much pleasure we can enjoy together. This is eros love. I know you want it too.


What is love?

I’ve been studying love for a long, long time, trying to find the perfect love relationship. And now, after many years of trial and error, I’m learning more about the different types of love.

Primary types of love:

  • Eros
  • Ludus
  • Storge
  • Mania
  • Agape
  • Pragma

There’s more to life than romantic love and the agape love I find at church, there are other types of love to enrichen life and I want to learn all about them. Relationships can offer much in the way of love and I can’t wait to explore all of the nuances of this thing called love.

Love is to know and be known, to see and be seen, to understand and to be understood. Love makes the world go round.  With love we can do so much and feel so good, day in and day out. With love comes euphoria and passionate bliss.

I can’t wait to explore all the infinite possibilities of love that await us, each and every day. Take a deep breath and enjoy the rush. Let the seed of love grow inside.



We were friends, not best friends but good friends until the day I got a school boy crush on you. I don’t know what got into me and why all of a sudden you looked so good to me, when you became the object of my obsession. Was it a hormonal thing? It all seemed so natural and normal. That’s why I offered to give you my class ring.

How was I to know you didn’t see me like that? We were just friends. We liked to talk about some of everything. I used to help you with your homework and I got a kick out of the way you smiled when you got the answers right. You told me all about your problems and the way you felt. I told you all about my problems too and how each day with you, made my pain slowly fade away.

It was hard for me and it was hard for you growing up in those days. But we had each other, if only for a moment in time, until that fateful moment I asked for something you could not give. Why not? You couldn’t live the life of a virgin forever.

I wanted more. I needed more. You gave me more until I told you how I really felt inside. I thought I could bare my soul to you. You came onto me in a wet dream, a sloppy wild and crazy, sweet dream. I couldn’t resist the temptation. I wanted you. Was it my fault you made me feel this way?

There was something about you I couldn’t resist. I saw your rack and wanted a snack. Can you blame me for wanting to slowly caress your nipples and watch them perk up? I was hungry for your love. I wanted to lick and suck for the satisfaction that could only come from the taste of your healthy breasts.

I can see you in my dream as if it was just yesterday. You were there in bed with me, making love with your tongue and your lips. I wanted to hold you and hug you and make love to you. I wanted to nail you an impale you and ride you like a wild stallion, taming you and inflaming you, making love burn white hot inside of you. It was a dream but not a dream come true.

In my dream I was a strong man, a virile man, able to satisfy your every need. I was your Samson and you were my Delilah and it all came to a happy ending. But in real life the outcome was not at all what I expected. You slapped my hand and told me no. You told me I couldn’t have you in that way. You acted like you didn’t care about my deepest desire. You didn’t share my enthusiasm for illicit sex. Why not?

Can you explain it to me now? Can you tell me how I could be so wrong and why my dream could never come true? Remind me again why my romantic love was not meant for you. Tell me about the man in your dreams, the man I will never be.

I’m sorry I came after you in that way. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted a roll in the hay. I could stop the natural growth of my member down below. It was a spontaneous reaction. Then I was ashamed. The look on your face made me feel that way. How could we be friends one day and the next day gone our separate ways. Is there no place in this world for us?

I tried to satisfy your needs. Isn’t that the beginning of something more? Doesn’t it start that way? Doesn’t it happen that way? I do some things for you. You do some things for me. Everything goes so pleasantly. And then abracadabra, shish boom bang, out of the sky blue we do the nasty thang!

That’s the way puppy love unfolded in my dreams that day. A natural progression from friendship that grew in a special way. A sharing of feelings that opened the door to something more, something I never dreamed of before. I couldn’t tell you then, but I can tell you now. I was ashamed for being so wrong to come after you that way. I misplaced your trust in me. Silly me is all I can say. I should have known you didn’t want me that way. And when you first said no and pushed me away, I should have listened more closely on that fateful day. I should have given up my quest to make my dreams come true, I should have repressed my desire to make love to you.

Take me back. Please show me the way. Tell me how I should have reacted to your answer that day. And with your forgiveness and a big hug, my shame will slowly fade away. And today I will feel whole again and be able to love again and we can be friends again and I can stand tall again, unashamed for being me.