Look at me.
I am here because you asked for me.
You wanted something special, someone special, some place special.
A place where you could come when you feel all alone.
Come to me. Come closer. Come closer yet.

Hear my breath. In this whispering world of wanton desire.
Is it enough? Have you heard enough?
Are you ready yet?

What more do you want?
What more can I give you?
What do you want to see?
How can I help you now?

Ask and you shall receive.
Ask and you will perceive the splendor and the joy laid before you.
This is it. The time is now.
Feel the passion.
Feel the fusion as two become one.

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/user-83095424/fusion-brandingvoices

Companion love (storge)

Many close friendships display this kind of love.

You care about me and I care about you. I offer emotional support and you do too. Why can’t your kindness and emotional support grow into something more? I need a friend.

I need a woman who gives me challenges and encourages me to do better. You understand me and I’m trying to understand you. What can I do to capture the essence of this storge love with you? Can we get closer? Will you let this storge love grow?

You give me so much and I deserve so little. You help me see myself from a unique perspective. You give me courage to be great again. You fit my special need for a woman I can use as a sounding board, to bounce ideas off of. You are never short of opinions!

But can you be a woman who trusts me? I know at times my passion for eros love gets in the way. I feel like a failure when I slip up and ask for something you can’t give. Can you forgive my indiscretions?

I sometimes suffer from low self-esteem and fear of rejection and that’s when I need a woman who strokes my ego. Can you be that woman to me? Do you have it in you? To remind me of the things I’m doing right when I get stuck on the pity pot and all I can think about are the things I’m doing wrong. I need a friend like you to help me turn my life around.

But storge love is a lot to ask for. It needs to be rekindled and nurtured every day. Lake a baby in his mother’s womb, it need to be nourished with the love of a selfless woman, a woman who doesn’t mind starting the day, bringing me to life just by asking me how I’m doing.

But do you care? Do you really and truly care? Or are you just going through the motions. Does it matter to you if I am alive and I breathe? A friend in need is a friend indeed. I hope one day you will need me as much as I need you.

I need a woman who listens to me and gives me advice on what I can do better. I need a woman who cares about me. I need a woman who accepts me for who I am. I need a woman interested in sharing the beauty of a life worth living. Do you need these things too?

Why can’t we be friends? When I see you, I see a close friendship in the making. I not only see what is, I see all the storge love that can be. I see a friend with wants and needs, just like I have wants and needs too.

Carpe diem! I hope today you want me as much as I want you. Now it’s time to throw caution to the wind and live your life to the fullest.