I love the look in your eyes. You see what is. I saw what had passed. Now I can see the goal. A love that lasts. How could I have missed it before? Oh, well, I guess I’m not that smart after all, not as smart as I used to be. In the past I could have seen right through your half-hearted admonitions, as you remind me again of your lust for life and your long-lost inhibitions. I must be losing my sight in my sunset, in my old age.

But you are only as old as you feel and I’m feeling quite young today, because I finally figured out what was meant to be. That goal. Our goal. This mastermind experience has nothing to do with the interactions of the past it has all to do with our love for the future, our forever love that lasts and lasts.

Of course you are right in everything you say. Some things aren’t meant to be, well some things just aren’t going to happen today. I’m going to bed thinking about you and I hope you will keep thinking about me too. What was is in the past, distant memories to call upon for time to time. Memories that remind us of our younger days, our puppy love, our own naivete.

We are in the sunrise of a new beginning, like a Phoenix rising high out of a burning bright fire, our love with spark again and fuel a new desire. A desire for peace and tranquility and a life with no more drama. A life full of giving and living and a new experience of true love. Love knows no bounds. You can do it if you want to. You can experience it if you care to. Just do it again. Say it again. Say one more time what you truly want and desire and you dream will come true.

Yes, everything is how it always was, and how it always will be. After the sunset comes darkness and then comes another sunrise for you and me. Recycled words, recycled thoughts, the dreams of yesterday turned into the blessings of tomorrow. And grace from above opens our hearts and love drowns out our every sorrow.

Do me a favor and try it again, speak truth to me once more. Open your mouth, say those magic words, teach me how to love again. It seems like I am destined to be your student and not your master. But don’t get too far above yourself because something you never expected will happen. No matter how far you travel and how remote you might be, my love will find its way into your heart. For that is where I choose to live my life of good times not forgotten.

Do you really want to focus on becoming a better person and seeking your higher self? Did you forget our master’s command about loving one another? You have served others your entire life and given generously of yourself. You have sacrificed for others and put your life on hold to nurture and raise up those around you. Now it’s time to accept that somethings were meant to transition into a higher level.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Speak into the mike, speak the truth, your words are not falling on deaf ears. You can turn things around and lift up the spirits of those around you. And when it comes to me and my imperfect expressions of love, don’t just read what I write but try to see what I meant to say. I only want what’s best and for you a brighter day. I only want a life of peace and happiness for all to see. And as I look into our eyes, beyond the sunset to a sunrise, I want to feel the glow of someone who has seen the light and whose communication is positive and inspirational.

Please don’t punish and abandon me for being who I am. I am but a servant of God cast in the image of the great I am. When you have your conversations with God, put in a good word for me too. And I will tell Him how good you are and how blessed I am to spend one more moment with you.

No, memories aren’t enough. We cannot stand still nor live in the past. We must join hands in perfect harmony and share the purest love, a spiritual love, a love that will forever last.


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