Oh my love. Please be kind. Please be patient. I am just learning how to make love to you. Teach me well. Tell me what you want, your innermost desires. I want you to be happy. I want you to feel fulfilled. I want you to feel the love I have for you today.

If only I could see you naked, I would know what to say. No, maybe not. I would just gawk at your outer beauty. Your lips, your breasts, your sweet, succulent womanhood, begging me to come closer for a whiff and a taste. Hmmm. But I know my dreams will never be.

Yet, I can see you now, through the windows of your soul, as I knock on the door of your heart, begging to let me in. As I peer into your eyes, seeing the richness of your spirit, feeling alive, feeling at home, feeling as if I could stay here forever.

But time is short, this day is made for you and me, but tomorrow is promised to know one. Yes, please be patient, but don’t procrastinate. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Shower me with your love. Make my life complete. If only for a minute, feed me with your love as I lay my gift of love at your feet.

Tease me. Touch me. Console me. Remind me of the heavens above, the Nirvana we can see in our love, here and now, on this glorious day. Show me the beauty of the flowers of love, blooming inside of you, making you wet in secret places my lips will never touch.

The rain is coming. I need it to nourish the seeds of love planted in our hearts. Words of love. Our seeds of love. Oh how I wish to hear those magic love triggers, whispered ever so softly, brought to wondrous life by your kind and soothing voice. My words of love. My thoughts, feelings and emotions, brought to life to dance with delight in the recesses of my soul. My love knows no bounds.

Who am I to ask for so much, yet to you it must be so little. You have wished for this day when you could share your love in such a kind and caring way. Feed me, nourish me, infuse me with your spirit. Make me whole again. Make me hard again. Take me inside of you and make me one with you. I am yours, if only for this minute, while you listen to my voice and all the love I’ve packed up in it.

Please accept this small token of my appreciation. For everything you’ve given me already, and for all you are about to do. Caress me. Nurture me. Give freely what I need and what I so earnestly desire. Write to me. Talk to me. Be with me today. As I see your face, I can taste your lips. You set my heart on fire.


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