I Need You

My Darling,

Sometimes it seems like a dream that I have found you. But then maybe it is. We certainly fell in love fast. I feel as if I have always known you. The mere sound of your voice sends shivers down my spine. When you talk I experience small moments of ecstasy even without the physical contact.

Missing you is part of my daily routine. I will count the hours until we can be together again. The days stretch out like an endless sea of loneliness. And yet strangely there are times that even though you are so far away you seem close as if you are lying next to me.

I picture you holding me next to your bare chest, gently stroking my hair. Kissing my neck with small butterfly kisses. I’m running my nails along your back in tiny circles just skimming over your skin in a sensuous way.

I can almost smell that lovely scent that is you. Your scent is my oxygen and I long for deep breaths.

Your kisses taste so sweet like a mint overlaid with chocolate and a taste too difficult to describe, filled with longing and the promise of erotic dreams. My skin aches for your touch.

Is this love? Is this lust? Is it only a pipe dream fueled by our distance apart and made intense by the longing for a physical touch? I don’t know and maybe I don’t want to know. It is too fragile, too new, too wonderful to examine. Because if I do, I might come apart at the seams.

I love you. I want you and yes, I need you.


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