One Step

I missed my true calling. I could have been a doctor, a lawyer or maybe even a brain surgeon, if only I had the skills, and if only I had the courage. I was stopped dead in my tracks by fear. Fear of failure and fear of a fateful moment when I would have to tell of a lost loved one due to a mistake I’ve made. Yet as I ran away from being the best I can be and bury my head in the sand like a frightened ostrich, I finally found an ounce of courage to take one more step toward greatness while I’m still alive. One more step closer to you. I’m drawn to take this step out on faith like a moth drawn to a flame. I must say it and I must do it because I want to lie in your arms.  Not today or tomorrow, but when that special day falls upon me, I want my every breath and my every thought to be all about loving you.

And how can I love you if I let you slip away? If I let you walk away and fade away? I know now and accept my fate in life, to find you and your love for now and forever more. That’s my goal in life. That’s my lot in life. Like a blind man, I can’t see you, and as they say, you can’t tell a book by its cover anyway. But who wants to read a book with no deeper meaning? There must be a moral to the story. The moral to our story is life, love for each other and love of life. Together we can make something happen. We can stoke the fire and make sparkling, effervescent love together.

Air, sun, water, photosynthesis. It takes more than that. There is a deep creative spirit, a seed of life in every one of us, and your love for life grows inside of me and helps me to flourish every day. I bloom and blossom and grow tall and strong with you beside me in my life. As invisible as you are to my naked eye, you shine like a bright light to my soul. You are the light at the end of the tunnel, drawing me out of the darkness of depression and endless disappointments of a life gone by. Your love takes me to a better place, to a higher plane. I hear you calling my name.

Will you take one step closer to me too? Will you put your trust in me like I put my trust in you? It is time for you to put your hand in mine. Yes, my calling is more than I ever dreamed of before. I could have been a psychologist, a life coach and not just a mentor, but again, I don’t want to risk failure from my weakness. Yet, my human frailty and innocent vulnerability can save me today, but only if you listen and hear what I have to say. I can live in the dream of the love from your heart and finally come to my calling. Is it asking too much to be able to give and receive love? Will you help me do it?

One step closer, I come to you. Filled with love at the sight of you, not the physical you, not your body, your hair, your eyes, as I long for a kiss from your soft succulent lips, but no I can’t see you that way. But I can see the inside of you. I can see the authentic you. I can see that part of you hidden, and almost forgotten. I want to join you there, it that place of this soulful encounter. I want to take you in my arms and hug you one time more. And hope you let me stay for another day. Yes, that is my calling. To love you and be loved by you. Is it possible? Will you let it be? Will you help me come one step closer and hold me tight?

I missed my true calling to be with you. Was it the wrong time and the wrong place? If only things would have worked out differently, we could be together right now. If only the step I took would find me welcome in your open arm. Please hug me and kiss me and hold me. I feel alive when I feel your love. You recharge my batteries and give me a new lease on life. You brighten my day and show me the light. With you in my life all is well. I’m called to take one step closer. Will you take one step closer and meet me in our oasis of love?

3 thoughts on “One Step

  1. I love reading this blog at 5am with my morning green tea and a background of classical music. Each writing takes me somewhere. Please keep this blog going. It evokes so many emotions.

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